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1965 Chevelle Custom Auto Sound USA-630 AM/FM Stereo 240 Watts Chrome
Item# USA-63CH65


The USA-630 is the pinnacle of 30 years of evolution in Custom Autosound's quest for the perfect classic car radio. This AM/FM radio has large OEM style push-buttons that give a perfect look in your classic dash. The modern features of this radio include: AM/FM stereo sound, 240 watts, a USB port for flash memory MP3/wma playback supported, direct 10 disc cd changer controls, alpha numeric display for MP3/WMA files,4 way fader, left right balance, digital clock, 2 channel RCA inputs for satalite radio or ipod, 16 pre-sets (12FM/4AM), 4 channel RCA outputs,Separate Bass and Treble, USA/Euro radio tuner, power antenna lead. 240 watts is enough for most people; however, if you need more power the 4 RCA outputs can be connected to an external amplifier foe even more power. The same controls that contol the 10 disc changer also controls your iPod's on/off features aswell as full control of your songs and play lists. While your ipod is connected to the radio it will charge the battery in the iPod.